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What kind of horses do we analyze? We watch thousands of two-year-olds perform in breeze-shows during Two-Year-Old Sales around the country… Horses and sellers have every reason to let these racehorses perform at their very best to maximize their sale price… These sales happen months before their first race. We score the top 20% of these horses using a simple scoring system that rates the BEST (9) to the BEST OF THE BEST (1). The lower the number, the better the score. These Top 20% are stored in our database and compared to entries from racetracks all over the US and Canada. We provide our subscribers a list of every racehorse that we scored that is entered in a race at any racetrack in the country 24-48 hours before they race! We show our subscribers every racetrack, race horse’s name, and number along with their BBB score. We average about 20 to 30 entries every racing day at racetracks all over North America… BBB selections are simple easy to use, and our scored horses typically win in their first race nearly 20% of the time and almost 50% of the time in their first 3 races!!!

When do you perform the analysis? Every year at all the major two-year-old Sales during their breeze-shows around the country…

What is your analysis based on? Horsemanship, statistics, the horse’s performance, and a little “something extra” that is unique to each horse.

Where do you get your expertise? Over 25 years of buying and selling top quality racing prospects at sales across the USA. More information about our expertise Leprechaun Racing

How do you score? We score the racehorses during the two-year-old sales breeze-shows. Once this horse is entered in a race, We provide the racetrack name, race number, racehorse’s name and number, and our BBB score to our users. Simple, easy to use, and very successful in picking winners!

How often do we receive reports? Our Scored Horses are offered to all subscribers by entries from every racetrack in America and updated every 24 to 48 hrs before the race. These racehorses are in the selections section of BetBestBreeze.com

Am I guaranteed to win? At BBB we have a high success rate with our horses, meaning the odds are in your favor, but nothing is guaranteed.

What kind of payment do you take? Credit Card/PayPal

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“He’s got an ear for it, he’s got an eye for it. He’s not just giving you times, he’s giving you visual impression.  He’s not just a clocker – he looked at all the specs and you can tell that by the comments..  It enhances the information you might already have on a horse you like.”Niall BrennanNiall Brennan is one of the leading consignors of 2 years olds over the past 20 years with graduates including; 2017 Horse of the Year Gun Runner, 2016 Kentucky Derby Winner Nyquist, 2013 Kentucky Derby Winner Orb, 2013 Belmont Winner Palace Malice along with numerous stake winners.
“I think Mike Mulligan is one phenomenal horseman. He has been able to do something that few people in the industry have done, from training to buying to selling. I was really excited when I saw what he was putting out. His analysis  is not something which comes from the scientific – it comes from the horseman type. He is spot on. He knows what a good horse looks like, and he’s sold a lot of good horses. He has an advantage over a lot of people because he really does understand the horse”

Becky Thomas

Becky Thomas is one of the leading consignors of 2 year olds over the past 20 years with graduates including; Officer, Kafwain, Arabian Lights and countless other Stake Horses through out her careeer.

“Mike’s product just saves me so much time and it has revolutionized me going to the sales, as far as I’m concerned.  It’s not only based on horsemanship but also statistical. There has never been anything like this for a sale before.”

Bill Heiligbrodt

Bill Heiligbrodt is one of the most successful owners of thoroughbred Race Horses over the past 30 years. His best horses include; Posse, Lady Tak, Mitole, Golden Ballet, Appealing Sophie and countless other Stake Winners through out his ownership career.